today i went out to lunch with candy pam katrina and zach at Red robin’s and it was quite lovely.
last week we went to bd’s mongolian grill
next week we’re going to chili’s

when katrina dropped me off, she told zach “you know, i really like gayla” and she said gayla too, it was so funny, and she said i’m one of her best friends
and zach’s like yeah, she’s definitely in my top 3 favorite people

katrina told me this when we were at domino’s today. it makes me really happy

i got my ohio license plates now. i need to mail out my new york ones back to my dad tomorrow morning/afternoon

me and angel were at meijer earlier getting pliers to take my license plates off… and we passed by this easter stuff. and im like “o0oo eggs! will you decorate eggs with me on easter?” and angel said no.

and basically she confirmed with me that she doesnt give a damn about any holiday except christmas.


i told katrina this and she said she’ll come over my place on easter and we’ll make eggs together

it’s nice, having friends. it really, really, REALLY is.

while at red robin, candy mentioned how she was so happy i came to dominos, she was like praying for someone like me and i laughed cuz i thought she was overexaggerating and shes like no literally. and then they started talking shit about this other asst manager who really sucked and then another one that really sucked

basically candy has been fucked over a lot.

but it made me feel really good.

i’m awesome 🙂

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