i’ve had a rough day.

everything’s okay now….

it’s just such a mess… so emotional..

we both just gotta cut it out. quit saying shit we both know neither of us dont mean….

the most ridiculous shit we don’t even mean…

i swear to god i don’t even feel like a person when it gets bad..

it gets so bad… this is so unhealthy. we don’t even mean it.

i just want to feel needed. she just wants the drama to stop

its very simple.

i need her so much…. i’m so not over this.. and i wont be for a while…

i’d give my life for her. i’m so fucking lost without her. it’s unreal. it’s unexplainable.

i dont even care about anything anymore. i just want the both of us to be happy.

and thats all i’m working towards.

i almost lost my bank card tonight.. she found it. i thanked her. i walked to kroger to get nuggets and ranch.. and i bought her a card. she thanked me.

thats all ive been asking for

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