i just listened to a song called Friday by some 13 year old named Rebecca Black

and for the first time, a song got me upset. just by itself

that has never happened before, usually it takes a bunch of repeats for a song to get me aggravated

but it’s nearly impossible for a song to be annoying all on itself

because music is just selfless like that

every song that i deemed as crappy before, are all just okay songs now

because of how disgraceful and vile the entity of this sole song is…

maybe the entity itself wouldnt be so bad, IF IT WASN’T A POPULAR SONG.

this song made me ashamed of humanity and if i find one person who thinks the song is pretty catchy or cool……

i will give you the evil eye, and drop my head in shame on you.



haha i hope i sounded morbid. that song really pissed me off though and i meant every word of this

pretty much. i mean the song has gotta be a joke. i hope………………………….

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