my hatred for video games is equivalent to my hatred for heroin.

it’s linked. believe me

i officially have no days off. my only day off was tuesday but now im working 8-close. so i have 55 hours this week. and if it takes me longer than a half hour to get out at night than i’ll wind up having almost 60.

60 hours in one week

angel has fucking 15.

whats worse? shes not gonna stay on top of cleaning. i dont even eat here except for cereal some mornings/afternoons (otherwise its a bagel with cream cheese) and there’s shitloads of dishes to do. its all angel’s. and she wont clean dishes. if she does, its because she throws them in the dishwasher. but that shit leaves white shit on the bowls and doesnt clean the forks and spoons good enough, and it doesnt even matter because we’re out of dishwasher soap.

she drives me fucking nuts. and here we go again with 3 SEPERATE piles of HER clothes in EACH room. one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in the living room. and she just fucking plays video games. VIDEO FUCKING GAMES.

i swear for the next 6 months, all i will be writing about is how much she sucks

im so fucking tired, SO fucking tired, of her when everytime i try to fucking tell her something, I’m fucking “bitching”


and its not only that, but the fish tank looks like a sewer waste, the closet where the cat litter is kept is like a fucking landfill of shit and probably soaked in, dried up, forever-stained piss

i swear when i move out.. i’ll be so happy to not see holes in the rug in every corner of the apartment because of the fucking cats.. and i swear if we wind up having to pay for the carpet, thats the fucking last straw. its gonna be over $1000 and angel can fucking die in her hole of debt forever. i am fucking done

i hate her. i used to say she ruined my life. but i’ll take that back.

but there’s no doubt she ruined a fucking year for me.

dominos and the people i work with are all i have right now that keep me stable ….. in every way.

i cant believe she’s so fucking selfish.
and that she really has fucked my head over trying to turn it on me
i know i was crazy sometimes but she never fucking tried to look to understand why i went crazy on her.
i mean, i’m not fucking officially crazy, i’ve never had a mental health problem in my life
but she really almost screwed my head over to that point.
but its not happening..
i hate her for what she’s done to me.
i hate her because i can’t be the same.
and i hate her for having me think she felt the same towards me
but its soo crystal clear she was never even close…
i thought she was mature and responsible enough to live with someone and maintain love, or passion.
but she’s just a fucking dumb lazy bitch.

and now it’s like, i don’t even know where to start again
i think i’ll just spend the rest of my life waiting for anything to prove to me the way i felt about her was wrong.
as for now, i’m struggling to even reach the point of waiting.

it’ll be a while. but i’m not letting her ruin my life.

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