today was short. and pretty busy so i was contently occupied.

i love how buttercup just comes and curls up on my lap like it ain’t shit

i hate when she digs her claws on my pants/shirt over and over though. it goes right through and i feel it on my skin. she’s so cute though. she’s a classy kitty. rules.

this guy, who i don’t even know, and i’m not even sure is that much of a regular customer said to me “you’re always working arent you” and i told him yeah every night pretty much and he left and said “see you later” and i guess it just creeped me out a little…. just a little.

one time this had-to-be drunk guy told me i sounded sexy on the phone… it was sooo awkward.. he wanted my number and all i said was haha funny and went back to talking about his order… weird….

katrina told me next time that happens, i should just tell them i’m a lesbian
candy told me next time that happens, i should try convincing them i’m really a guy. and then when curt (he usually closes with me every night) goes to door, he should tell the guy that it was really him. curt has a way deeper voice too. but that was hilarious

tomorrow i’m actually opening. i get off at 4. i’m thinking about drinking as soon as i get back home.. just because its st patricks day and everyone in the world will be drinking and i have nothing better to do…..

idk…. i hope angel has to work but i think she has off…. lame…

she’s a lazy loser. i think she like.. tried to wake me up this morning… her brother needed a ride from school or something.. and she actually woke me up to see if i would give him a ride… but i was like half awake and why the hell would i do that? i said no so she said “bitch” and slammed the door ….. maybe i would have but the night before, she woke me up asking where her phone was. because it was on the bed and i told her to look on the floor and she couldnt find it so i told her look under the bed (because under the bed, is more of the floor) and she found it. she was like really mad too when she asked.

all day at dominos throughout the short day and busyness i did nothing but think of us and who was the more selfish one throughout our relationship. and its so hard to figure out. and then i try to think maybe we both were really selfish but it doesnt make me feel any better.

im chuggin this bob marley so i can pass out.

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