i remember the first time angel gave me butterflies

the night i graduated. i was on ecstacy. and she told me she loved me.. and i was rolling so hard.

now i just laugh at myself. because i totally shouldve known better.

at least i dont do e anymore. ive thought about it too and i wouldnt again

besides the golf ball size holes on your brain.. actually feeling them is soo weird… and the come down… ick.

it was sooo awesome though.. dont regret any of it.. its so great being young

its like i’m on a come down now.. from angel..
its soooo weird because i used to think about how this whole thing is falling apart..
and i feel like i’m on e again and i just want her comfort… its so wrong.
but i’m coming down…

what a mess this relationship was.

i’m still sad though..

and if angel isn’t then she’s just a monster.

one of us has to be the mean one though

or otherwise we’d fall back all over each other again. its so true. maybe thats why shes being such a dick!! hm okay then.

my legs still hurt. i’m getting paid overtime all day tomorrow and sunday. $12.75 a hour say whattttt

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