my legs are killing me. they were killing me last night too

i got paid overtime all day today. i will tomorrow too

basically getting paid 12.75 an hour all day today.. and tomorrow too 🙂

sometimes i think and realize that i do the same thing day after day, from the evening into the late night, all for money.

i mean, i have loads of fun at dominos. tonight in fact was mad fun. it was me curt and collin as closers and katrina closed too just because she’s become like my best friend. she really is a great person. zach came too during the last hour, he got us mcdonalds and those 2 are just the best. they have a great relationship and i’m so jealous haha. but anyway, i looked at the hourly actual sales when we were closed and realized it was hella busier than i realized so i’m glad she stayed. it was the weekend though.

i’m high. ashley got me more weed. word up. its so much for $20, it rules. i’m just chill

angels sitting out in the living room and i went into the bedroom and closed the door and i didnt realize buttercup was in here

i think i’m gonna really miss the cats… i’ve taken like millions of pictures of them.. i loved them i really did.. when moe and coco got neutered i paid for all of it.. angel never helped pay ANY of the cat’s all about petcare visits…

you know, if i was gonna be the one working overtime paying for the majority of the necessities
i’d hope for at least the apartment to be kept up on the cleaning.. every now and then i did dishes, cleaned kitchen and cleaned the bathroom when i could but angel was never doing anything unless i did… that shit is retarded.. she did our laundry together at least.. i’ll always be thankful for that because walking up and down 3 flights of stairs and being home as often as i was to wait on all that? its gonna be annoying.. i know it will be. i always paid for laundry too though.. laundry is like the number one thing i hate doing and doing dishes is the best..

i really wonder…. how much longer i will keep writing about angel in here even after she leaves………………. i mean i’m really just shattered by this.. but i’m also starting to wonder if i stop saying that to myself, i can forget it.. if i stop seeing angel, this will pass… just like any pain in general… time goes on… life goes on… the earth keeps turning… and things will always keep changing..

she said she was leaving tomorrow night. and im too high to know if she’s talking about sunday night (since today is technically the 20th) or the night of the 21st.

i dont care about dates. i dont consider it tomorrow until i fall asleep and wake back up or if i havent slept, then its tomorrow when its daylight again.

i’m so exhausted im just gonna listen to pandora and pass out.. i listen to it every night… i usually listen to the bayside or alkaline trio radio…sometimes silverstein.

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