she’s fucking gone


i told her she needs to pick up her pizza boxes and the rest of the cat poop.
and she was like “yes mom” like really? do you know you just insulted yourself right? like seriously, what does that say about you

anyway. her bowls and cups are still here. the cat cage is still here. i’m assuming she’ll finish taking them tomorrow. she said that aaron’s people were coming to take the bedset back too. i ain’t paying for that shit. i already put all my clothes in the closet that angel was taking space up in so i dont need a dresser or drawers.. i just need a mattress. and i’ve already got that figured out. katrina and zach already said they’d help me. wednesday at noon. i’m gonna look for mattress prices tomorrow when i wake up. i don’t have to go into work till 6. i have 2 pillows, 2 blankets and bedsheets so im good on everything

i just vacummed too and goddamn the shit that comes up in the filter.. its intense…. this poor apartment.. its now minus 4 cats and 1 lazy person so this place should stay hella way cleaner.. im so glad…

i’m about to smoke this blunt and watch this 12 minutes valencia interview and then this 21 minute a day to remember video and chilllllllllllll.

i need more bob marley drinks so bad.

its a little spooky being here all by myself…. but it’s so worth it.

things i need to buy asap:
energy saving lightbulbs
laundry detergent and fabric softener
mad food

right now i have 1,040 in my bank accounts… i dont get paid again till the 27th.. it should be a $700 something paycheck hopefully umm rent is due the 1st thats 560, plus i’m gonna give candy back the rest for the tv, thats $275, my car insurance should now be automatically deducting from my account whenever, i actually just called them today to get the shit changed… and i am absolutely bewildered.. i was paying 410 a month.. i’m now paying 63.90. omg….. THE PREMIUM, I CAN ALMOST PAY THE PREMIUM IN ONE PAYCHECK. $767

life is sooooo made right now  hahahah. i got some shit taken off too though cuz all i do is drive to and from work and i got all these discounts and im like yayyyy

i cant believe that. i freaking love ohio

okay time for a victory blunt<3

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