today has been eventful. i feel very peaceful.

i set my alarm today but that alarm doesnt work on me too well, i guess its just not obnoxious enough. but katrina texted me saying her and zach were gonna be a little late and that is what forced me up lol

we drove for like a half hour it seemed to this place that katrina’s mom suggested that sells furniture and it was pretty simple and fast lol i got a brand new twin sized mattress with the frame and all that yada yada for 252 and it comes with a 10 year warranty. so i could just bring this bed back anytime till i’m 29. lol@that. and apparently the “real?” price of this bed shouldve been 499. lol@that2

after they loaded the mattress into the van that belongs to someone in zach’s family, zach and katrina decided to go to chipotle. and apparently chipotle is this amazing place that everyone talks about often. its like, taco bell mixed with subway mixed with mcdonalds. taco bell because they have burritos, its actually considered a ‘mexican grill’ and they have that on the doorway. subway because you walk in a line like you do at subway. mcdonalds because there’s mad fucking people inside it lol it was alright… i dont see what the hype’s all about but it was cool how they have golden wrappers and it was cool doing something different. katrina actually bought it for me too, even though i had my card out and shit. but she was like “thats what friends are for!” it was just awesome šŸ™‚

then we brought the mattress back to my apartment… as we bring it inside, its not raining

we brought into the living room (cuz thats where i’m deciding to sleep because i’m in love with the balcony, especially with all this beautiful sunny bright weather and warm air) and we chilled for a while. it was fun. i told zach and katrina they are the most awesome people in ohio

they wanted to leave by like 230ish cuz katrina had to pick her sister up from school or something and i left when they did because i needed to go to kroger for stuff and as we left, it just pours. it was hella crazy. katrina like screams and runs to the van and zach runs after her so i ran to my car and got inside and got out my phone mad quick cuz i wanted to tell katrina that my lemonade was in the back seat where i was sitting so she could get it before it spills or something and katrina texted me saying “you want it? or pitch it?” and at this point we both were driving leaving the apartment places and they were in front of me and stopped and its still raining and katrina runs out and brings me the lemonade before i even answered. i told her shes mad crazy hahaha. i finished that lemonade too. shes probably gonna totally use that against me one day haha

katrina and zach are awesome… i cant say enough that i am suuper glad they are my friends.. they are so mad cool.. for real.. it rules even more that they dont drink or smoke, its just awesome doing something else for once..

little things are just making me sooo happy lately… weed rules too.

i texted ashley and she said she can get me another 20 tomorrow.. i’m gonna need to buy a larger amount soon cuz i just feel like i just want to smoke all the time.. especially on a day off?? oh man. i wouldnt smoke all day though.. actually ,i never understood the point of wake and baking.. that shit is just mad dumb because then you’re tired again as soon as you wake up?? ehh and then you’re just lazy all day. fuck that. i’d rather just wake up and at least get done what should get done and then chill into the night….

it just sucks being so by myself.

guess i’ll just blog a lot? lol.

 i’m gonna get cable soon…

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