i have enough for one more blunt. plus then i’ll have 7 roaches after this. i didnt even check when i work with ashley again. i totally want more soon. i have lots of seeds. i have decent sized buckets in the trunk of my car. i should seriously grow my own shit so i wouldnt have to spend so much money… sooo risky though….

last night was funny. usually when you’re by a road and how you can hear a car coming, and it gets louder but then fades out as it drives off. and i have my balcony door open with the bug screen closed so the room airs out plus its hella nice out. so i heard this noise. and it sounds like a piece of shit car. and it gets louder and louder… and then it just stops. and i cracked myself up cuz i started thinking aliens were outside. i cracked myself up because thats such a stoner thought. but tonight, if i hear that piece of shit car noise again, i have the blinds closed too so hopefully i wont get too freaked out.

i was watching that a day to remember video and it was so intense.. whatever kinda camera it was that recorded them, it made them like, glow. and they looked so godly. and it was so intense haha it was awesome. i tried to watch the valencia video but it was an interview and i was too high to pay attention.

thats all i wanted to update about. i’m doing a open-close on thursday so now i got like 47 hours instead of 39. word. i have off wednesday and friday anyway, i’ll be good. tomorrow i’m getting a mattress, katrina and zach will be here to get me at 1130. they’re gonna help. because they rule.

probably gonna do lots of organizing tomorrow. and smoking roaches. yay!! lol

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