i havent slept at all yet.

things have been a little crazy since my last post.

i dont know what to make of it, and i wont try to figure out how to say it.

it’s just good. and thats all.

and these good things that have been happening, its all just something i can’t take for granted.

i just feel, so much discipline on myself. just to be more fucking smart about things.

and anyone/thing that makes me feel less, i need it out.

and if i do that, i’ll never have another problem again.

“you have to know a 2nd guess ain’t worth a try”

“If you’re up to your ears
In blood, sweat and wasted years
I’m hoping you’re going to open your throat
And just scream

You have to know who and why
Which ones miss you when you die
You have to know that a second guess ain’t worth the salt in your eyes”

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