6 years? and how many times in those 6 years did we go without talking.

i dont want this to continue anymore…

weed is making me lazy i need to stop..

anberlin – paperthin hymn
makes me feel like drowning

i dont deserve to have hands, i’m absolutely horrible,
angel hates me forever.
i’m damned to hell.

i can’t forget it. i can’t forget when she said “i see you sinking deeper and deeper in a hole…”
what the hell does that even mean?

i really do feel like i’m in a hole, over her. i honestly cant even see the light.

am i dramatic? is that what this is all about? i’m just some morbid story teller?

some random stranger who i only talked to for 3 days had this ability to make my heart beat really fast.

never knew who she was, and at the time, i just couldnt figure out what possible purpose there was to all that.
it really was just a gruesome joke.

I just want a purpose. Life, is way too short.

but i can’t see a light.

im not making fucking sense and i need to sleep

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