i wish i never did shrooms.

that shit really fucked me up.

seriously i was never the same after that night.

i really don’t even know where i went.

i’ve blacked out from alcohol, but even that, i never forgot about myself, never like that.

never like that. i didn’t know anything anymore.



aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

perfect description of what i did not have at a point.

i woke up sitting on a couch wide awake. i couldn’t believe my brain when i felt sober. the daylight, the birds chirping, cars moving, seeing other random people, the familiar roads/surroundings, it was just insane to be alive.


i smoke the weed i get way too fast.

weed makes me think crazy.

.. like connections. connections of events and occurrences in my life… and its like epiphany’s. and i feel like a wave in my thoughts.. crashing an imaginary solid object of reality into my conscious.

i’m high and so crazy.

i’m always crazy.

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