still no fights.

im so broke its getting bad. i have 490 to last me till the 28th. i need to be careful. and then whatever i make on the 28th, $560 will be going to rent. i need to start working mass overtime again…. ugh…. i hate worrying about money. i miss the time when i didnt have to..

xanga i think i’m over you. i just don’t have the time of day anymore to record the events of my life in here. i guess its a shame being i don’t have the greatest memory. its cool though. i would like to forget these certain past few months.. january was probably the worst month ever… february sucked just as bad.

i just don’t even want xanga anymore. you just take up my time. i’ll write in you maybe when i’m miserable again.

i need to start working mass overtime.. the 60 hours in one week – if only people could understand the things i do and why i do them…

i’m a hamster on a wheel.

nobody cares about hamsters

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