tonight sucked major ass

candy didnt schedule any insiders. only me and doug. and we had it held down really good. we’re managers, thats just what we do. lol but he wanted to leave at like 8. and dougs been working at dominos for 10+ years and not that i’m even good at telling people what to do to start with, i just let him do whatever. but 8-9 was just as busy as 6-7 and then 9-11 was just nonstop. i called katrina to come in and help me because she was bitchin before when she called how she had like no hours so she came in for the last hour and a half while i just cleaned non stop lol i was sooo behind

it stays so busy for later it sucks.

meg’s pissed about the people who work for my phone company stuff so she wants me to get a new phone lol shes cute as hell.

im so fucking tired. im drinking a bob marley too. katrina and zach went to go get me one. i love them to death.

the bunnies are being bitches, especially scratch

meg’s bff ashley gave me mad food. shes mad cool. shes pregnant, idk how many months but her stomachs not big yet. her boyfriend seems cool too.

i miss meg. im fucking tired.

fucking scratch needs to get back in her cage.

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