can’t sleep.

everyone wonders, no one truly knows, if god is real or not. or at least some sort of afterlife

that answer for me, i search for that answer by trying to see if my mom is still with me.

i dream of her, but i can dream about anyone (there was about 2 REALLY vivid ones a little after she died)

i think of her, i’m reminded of her, that doesnt mean she’s there

i just doubt it so much… other times i really believe.

either way makes no difference

i’ll never see her or talk to her. i hate this feeling. hollow

i like summertime because the days are longer,
but summer is the season of her passing.

this past mothers day was so damn awkward for me, i hated it.

i really should just go to sleep.

promise of redemption is good music. it’s great actually. its all acoustic, but the words are very descript.

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