I am not an abusive person. I am a person of reason.


I RUN From drama. i DEACTIVATED facebook for the longest time to avoid drama.

and yet i, in some oxymoronic world , i am psychotic and dangerous.
i ask for too much. “ohhh my god here we go again” is what my dead audience of 1 human being? says.

i am so out of control, my 134 pound body raging towards someone exactly 100 pounds more than mine.
i am so fucking obnoxious.

i wish i couldve suffocated her in a pool of my spit.

spit, dirt, and shit. Cat shit.

Fuck, i bet this has had a bigger toll on me than it ever has on her.

Suck it. I just want to forget her sooo much. She deserves to be forgotten, abandoned, and abused.

Fuck that bitch.

I NEED TO SLEEP. because normal people fucking sleep.

i would also like to put in here how this outrageous video reminded me of her.

all i’m trying to figure out is when i’ll be done with this.

i cant even remember the last time we spoke. this all stirred up from thinking too much.

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