so i guess meg’s mad/upset with me..

basically i listen to depressing screamy music and she doesnt like it..

she likes country stuff. that doesn’t really have meaning to the songs. i will quote a song “i like my chicken fried, cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right”

words like that don’t particularly appeal to me. but i’m not writing about that because she’s the one upset with what i listen to. so i made a solution to not play anything around her anymore. because i really do know what it feels like to be forced to listen to crappy shit you dont want to hear. when my dad used to get drunk, he’d blare the music he had and made me a very angry child. so i’ll respect her and i told her that.

what more do i have to do? she felt bad i guess and picked out cds i could listen to, that didnt make her upset. she gave me, linkin park (omg im embarrassed, thats so 7th grade of me) pink, (love her, but her music dont appeal to me much anymore, but shes very awesome), sum 41 (i dont care) , and paramore, (love them, but not one of my tops)

the cds i have in my car consist of bayside silverstein valencia alkaline trio, a day to remember. thats what im currently into.

i listen to music that appeals to me at the moment. sometimes certain music doesnt, so i dont play it.

i’m respecting meg and thats all that matters right now.

i think shes still upset though. either that or sleeping. which is not normal because we usually dont sleep till like 3 or 4.

i dont know. this is bullshit.

its just fucking music. i mean, the bands i’ve loved since ive been like 13.
im not changing what i listen to.

Nope shes not sleeping.

we’re texting. i guess its just easier to do that sometimes instead of talking face to face, whatever im cool with that,

and when i was saying how i just wont play music, i said “its cool its all good”, she just came outta nowhere saying “yeah that’s what u fucking think” i said ” ….. TALK. TO. ME.”

and she has the fucking nerve to say “y does it feel like when things get a lil difficult you could give a fuck less about what’s going on”


this update is finished.

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