on my last update, some bitch complained about her pizza box being too greasy. and the pizzas she got, were already free. thats why i cried. i cried because of how grimy she was being. i mean, i know you’re not supposed to take stuff personal and the majority of the time, i totally dont. the majority of the time, i seriously dont care. giving people free food is seriously the easiest way to avoid an argument. but seriously. How do you complain about a pizza box being greasy. so whatever, i remade her pizzas, i even put the garlic on the crust myself, because she’s just soo high maintenance. and we swapped the pizzas out. one box had the pizza still, the other was completely gone. the grease on the box, was nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s just aggravating, how people will just give you a hard time because of how fat they choose to be.

today me and meg went to krogers for food shopping and we got a little out of hand with ourselves, we got more than we should have and i HAD to return things because i only had $64 to spend (till this thursday) ([now i have $21 in case i need gas]) and like, we told the person we needed to void stuff and i did say sorry to them, we know its a pain in the ass and the girl, didnt even look at me or say anything. You could just tell she was pissed.  that’s unrelated but im drinking and i feel like blabbing.

There’s this amazing thing we’re doing at dominos now, where we don’t have to give out coupons anymore unless the person actually has the coupon code for us to put in even though we already know what it is and i’ve turned down SO many people the other day it was amazing. i mean, sure its not that great on sales but we get so many orders anyway it doesnt make a difference. there was actually this one guy who cancelled his WHOLE order because it was $1.50 more than what he expected

how do i even. i wanted to cry because it was just so patheticly amusing. A DOLLAR FIFTY.

dude its just amazing.

i think i wanted to update about something else that didnt involve dominos but the last post i had made still needed a explanation and now i forgot what i originally came on here for.

Oh well.

i seriously hope meg gets a job soon.. only because as of now, i am not saving money at all whatsoever. and i plan on moving when the lease is up in september (looking into places by the last week of this month) for apartments that are $100 cheaper, because there’s seriously so many, and if she had a job too, saving would be so much easier. i want to visit new york by next june for the gay parade again plus i get a paid week vacation. i definitely wont be going back at all till then. i just miss my dad a lottt. my brother is such an assshole he didnt get my dad one single card or anything for fathers day, i gave my dad like 7 or something no joke. i was at kroger looking for one but so many reminded me of him. i hope it made him happy at least. my dad said something like “he doesnt get it you only get one dad” and thats just seriously ridiculous. i dont know what kind of world my brother is in apparently hes living behind the fact hes at college so thats his excuse for everything thats what it seems like to me i dont even talk to him ive tried plenty of times but whatever.

my mom died 3 years and 1 day ago around this time exactly. i got the phone call around 1230am.
i’m not miserable about it which is awesome. even though at the same time its not awesome at all
i dont even know how to feel but im just trying to live life while i have it.
i want to be in new york this time next year. i just want to visit her grave again. its the first year i couldnt.

shits fucking crazy. i need a fucking friend to chill with. i need to get amanda out here somehow.

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