i swear to god i hate people.

meg is all i have it feels sometimes.

things are going to be changing soon, good changes.

i dont want to go to work right now but i have to… i wanted to stay in the pool with meg. we were playing with these random kids with our toys.. and i noted how its easier to make friends as a kid than it is at any other time in your life.. the older you get the more bitter people are… kids are so easy going and i wish we could all just keep those personalities forever.

i also want to note in here that evanescence’s new album coming out october 11th is already sounding fucking epic… and as soon as they go on a US tour again, i’m taking meg with me to see them. havent seen them since 2004. i cried after both concerts i went.. i think bayside should open up for evanescence.. they’re friends i know they are. i have a picture somewhere saved as proof. anthony raneri and amy lee together

i’d cry, die, and explode with all sorts of uncontrollable emotions if that became real.

crossing my fingers i dont wind up crying and wanting to kill myself tonight… i hate fridays… ugh…

i hate dominos.. i hate the stress over inspections… i hate that i actually have to pretend to give a fuck when i dont… ugh..

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