candy’s supervisor brad emailed candy saying “kayla still does not know how to make a pizza” yeah thats why i’m an assistant manager, and run shifts, because i can’t make pizzas. thats why all my pizzas were pretty much fine today, being that the dough was properly proofed, and on the day of the inspection when the large dough was out proofing, i’m supposed to be magical and still make perfect pizzas. jessica ruined one of the pizzas for me when she only put like 20 peperoni’s on one, so i messed up 1 pizza out of 5. he can suck a hard one.

candy is so mad at him. all he does is yell at her. they used to be friends, try to work with each other, not boss her around like an asshole.

oh well. this is the 2nd inspection this year. out of 3. the first one was a 5 star. and you know what.. i’m prettttttyyyyyy sure this store will be around for many years to come. who . the. fuck. cares.

life goes on. it really does. and fuck that damn tool. dude, i’m really not gonna take an extra 5 minutes on the oven, just to bring up the pepperoni’s that got smushed down in between slices when i cut the pizza. Because we all know a customer is going to call back like “i know my pizza has the proper amount of pepperoni’s on it, but its smushed in between the slices and just isnt presentable enough for me to eat it. i want a million free pizzas for life now”


hi meg you’re hot and sexy and cute and hi lololoololololololol

im exhausted. bed time.

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