I freaking love valencia, they were so badass tonight. 3/4 of the crowd were girls 3.5/4 of the crowd were teenyboppers too haha

the first band that played, right in the middle of their first song, i was like wow they remind me so much of fall out boy, and then they go play a fall out boy song. i was just like, so proud of myself after that lol im so good at this

i got a mother fucking promise of redemption cd, the recent one “when the flowers bloom” i dont think i’ll ever get the first one oh well i also got “we all need a reason to b-side” lol @ that title. and i got a valencia bracelet which is now in unison to my cult (bayside) bracelet.

so yeah i’m real cool now. i finally seen valencia live.

the new guitarist is trevor leonard and hes been with valencia since day 1 so hes badass and i asked if he was in for good or just a temporary replacement (bayside had one of those,,, yuck) and he said he thinks he was and he gave me a free cd , the cd is called the leak and the big title is Triangle Shirt Factory. weird. i was talking about promise of redemption because he saw i bought the cd so he gave me his own, for free. i think it’s his solo thing. he just pulled it out his butt pocket too it seemed lol

im so happy to have the POR cd now.. its my first acoustic cd (besides bayside’s acoustic album, they’re not an acoustic band anyway) and i got meg into it too.. she gets the whole story behind the songs and she acknowledge’s that its not some depressing shit. its meaningful. and awesome!!!!!! i never thought i’d get this cd. i always listened to these songs so much too and never thought about it. then i saw it on the merch table and that was it.

oh yeah i have kittens now. that are gonna be locked up in the bathroom till we get these fleas off them.. already got a bath (and i had this flea shampoo for cats just chillin in my cabinet, how convenient) i bought this flea killing stuff from the store and a flea comb.. meg’s been combing them like mad, i cant do it. those things jump. that bugs me out. and they bite? no thanks. i do hold them though, i know the fleas are trying to stay on them anyway… i just can’t wait to take them out and let them play in the living room

they’re so tiny. they’re like angels. they were just waiting for us. it was awesome.

most cats, they run when they see you coming close. not these little creatures. they just stared the whole time. and then purred when we picked them up.

i should sleep soon

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