we’ve been fighting a lot lately.

tonight’s episode was me being rude. she said that it wasn’t what i said, it was just how i said it.

i was listening to something on the purevolume website and she asked if i was on myspace. i told her no and she said it looked like myspace. and i said not really. and it went from there.

she always starts it. but she always finds something to use against me.

i also kinda have this thing… its like severe apathy towards any argument we have.. i mean.. its always sooooo stupid… arguing is destroying.. and for me, to actually care, that stupid little things bother her?

its just something out of my league.

i’m tired of her bitchin. she’s the one home all the time while i work 8-10 hours every single day, and she can’t even clean a little here and there everyday… so it doesn’t all turn into a full days worth of cleaning; together. i mean, i always pick up after myself. ALWAYS. and i brush my teeth nightly too, to say the least. yuck. but god forbid if i try to vent this out to her. i’m rude as fuck as it is.

i dont care if i’m rude. i know i am. i’m definitely a fucking bitch.
but seriously, i’m absolutely harmless. know me or get lost.

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