so last night i closed, and today i did an open to close. and i think it might be just because i closed all weekend but today by 5, i was just so done. so tired. the back of my legs were just falling apart. lol i dont even know how i did it. meg was with me too. she still gets more hours at my store then she does her own. chuck hasnt even written her name on the schedule yet and its been a freaking month. idk. its bullshit. candy has got 2 new people starting this week. so that should be interesting. but it’s just less possible hours for meg. there’s no point trying to squeeze her in anytime this week until sunday. we left tonight and she already had 24 hours in. at liberty, she’s got 3. its so lame.

so anyway. last night i closed, and today i did an open to close. and then i came home and smoked. and it was the most relaxing feeling ive ever felt in life. and then i kept smoking and its like being on a cloud.

i am so much better now. jill sitting in my lap and drinking a bob marley. so fucking good.

meg’s gotta wake up at 630 for school tomorrow. lol @ that shit. im paying our first months rent tomorrow and thursday we’re moving in. i have thursday and friday off. i am SOOOOOOO excited to have friday off. im totally drinking on thursday night. thursday night i’ll be sleeping at the new place. if there’s one thing i’ll miss it’s totally gonna be the balcony. i definitely have watched and loved a lot of sunsets from this thing. its nice being on a higher level. the new place is bottom floor and there’s woods around and i’ve already went on one path. the place is called Forest Creek and that is completely self explanatory

omg i am so tired.

jack and jill are handful;s

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