oh my god i’m actually drunk to the point i’m stumbling. which is awesome. because i usually drink budweiser but that shit never gets me drunk anymore. i love 40s of king cobra. thats my new shit. and it doesnt make wanna pass out either. which rules.. i love feeling this way.

i really need more weed i hope meg can get it for me

she told me the other day she doesn’t like it when i don’t smoke. because if i don’t smoke, i get “cranky”.
okayyyy lol. 

it was retarded earlier, we went to see lion king 3d, and the whole theater was empty except like 3 people. you know what she does? she pulls the shit that i see on tumblr and sits right in front of one of 2 people. like really? you have the whole freaking theater. i told her this when she sat down, i sat like 3 seats away and when i was like “really? right in front of people out of this whole place?” so she climbs over the seats right in front of where she was sitting. i sat where i was,  i wasnt in front of no one. i personally feel like thats a little rude, you know? whatevs.

i love king cobra. i’m so awake.

shes sleeping cuz she has school in 4 hours.

i guess.. i’m gonna keep partying, i havent listened to the status in forever!

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