i got a lot of random writings together (finally) i haven’t put anything together since late May.

it’s really not that much. 8 poems/lyrics. Since May. it used to only take me like a year or 2 to fill up a notebook with writings… I’m still on notebook number 5 since 2009. and after i put these 8 in, i’m only half way done.

I don’t know what’s happened, or how to fix my “writer’s block” All i can do is just write as much as i can, even if it’s just a diary entry like this and i need to continue working on my vocab. i’ve got words i’m writing definitions down constantly and i’m thinking i should even make up sentences to go along with those words. maybe even have flash cards and test myself every week?? hah i doubt i’ll get that far but i have to make sure i understand these big words. like cacophony. haha that words my favorite so far. i totally pronounced it wrong when i first saw it.

Mainstream pop music is cacophony.


i don’t know if it’s my writers block thats so important. or maybe it’s more so i need to use my time to continue typing up my actual poem books. I definitely think thats more important. so after i do that, i can see what my next step is. I’m so happy Heather showed me createspace.com

Saturday night after work i might be possibly engaging in a hang out session?!?! holy shit i might just have an actual chance at a real live friendship here, better not fuck this up!

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