yesterday i spilled gaytorade on my phone and it fucked up some buttons. so i’m not using that phone anymore. fortunately i had an old, same type of phone lying around, so i called some machine shit thing and got a hold of a human being who deactivated my other phone and re-activated the one i’m using now. woot. oh and iphone 7 was released recently? thats nice

i worked like 11 hours today and i don’t know why i’m still awake. i was playing mahjong, lol, and messing around on my writings. now i have 9 put together, with titles. i love them. eventually i’ll need to write them down perfectly, final draft, in my notebook. i like to get stoned right before i do that because it makes it more fun and intense. or sometimes it results in me only writing 2 lines, being like wooooahhh and then venturing off to eat cookies or cereal.

lol.i was in SUCH a good mood when i came home from work.. its just so nice not having to freaking close every time. i took a bath and my girlfriend even made me dinner, and baked me cookies, and brushed my hair for me and then gave me shotguns while she smoked! shes so perfect

i hope tomorrow goes by quickly, and my work shift on saturday goes by quickly too so i can partake in this before it ends. i’m not closing saturday for once and i should be off by 10pm the very latest, maybe even at 8pm if i’m lucky.

I’m patiently waiting for Netflix to stream the rest of the Breaking Bad episodes.. i’m so done being addicted to a tv show too. Talk about a waste of time in life. wow. I feel more motivated to write more at least.

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