the very worst part about my job is when someone does something wrong, that person never gets punished. there’s absolutely no repercussions for anything. no one takes their job seriously and it’s just really not fair especially if you’re the one who genuinely cares about things. i mean no, this isn’t a life saving career type place, but it’s always nice when everyone just does what they’re supposed to isnt it?

i totally looked like an asshole today just for asking a question.

i mean it was completely unnecessary that she had to blow up on me in front of customers and co-workers but i guess she saw it fit. i didn’t deserve it at all. 3 people told me afterwards that they’re on my side. because it’s not just today, it’s every time this person works that nothing is ever done. it’s not fair. and i’m not one to talk shit without confronting so…
at least i’m honest? she took it however she desired to. but i’m not the bitch here.

tomorrow is going to be so awkward.

fuck it… 2015 will be grand. maybe 2014 will too. as long as no one dies.

i also wonder how much longer Heather is going to go without talking to me. i miss my best friend

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