totally fucking bawled my eyes out after that post last night hah.
but fortunately i have the best girlfriend in the world whom i completely passed out in the arms of last night.

the other night we walked around the block and i just bitched the whole time about shit that bugs me and i felt so much better by the time we got back home.

i love her ❤

today was fantastic all thanks to this wonderful voicemail my dad left me.
all i want is to hear someone is proud of me. and i need to call him.

my feet are sore, i worked a double today. it was quite busy today too, and i prepped like a mad woman. i feel like a badass.

i’m so confident lately.

oh yeah we totally saw these 2 movies: Short Term 12 and Thanks For Sharing. i liked both of them a lot. Short Term 12 made me emotional. Thanks For Sharing was awkward and funny and i love p!nk.

except one thing……………………………………..

well i think there was a quick feature of a gay person in TFS but seriously no gay people. they had black people, ST12 more so than TFS but idk. i just feel like gay people should be more common, especially in ST12 which was about foster kids. Aren’t gay kids way more likely to be disowned? i mean idk maybe i’m being ….. i don’t know the word! fuck it i need to work

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