this was weeks ago but it’s still pretty relevant


the concert. LC Pavillion. it was the same venue i saw Evanescence but i actually wasn’t on the barricade for this one so i got to know the venue a little more. Worst. Bathrooms. Ever. all porta pottys. i must remind myself to never drink at that venue again. by the time a day to remember came on, i could hardly remember much. i know they played you had me at hello, and it was crazy and awesome as fuck, the wonder years didn’t play long enough. all time low was funny. they always collect bras and shit, it’s so ridiculous. didn’t pay attention to pierce the veil at all.

i spent $60 on parking, alcohol and mcdonalds. i never eat mcdonalds or taco bell unless i’m drunk. at least i only had snack wraps and fries, can’t go without fries. heather makes better fries though lol she cooks them in vegetable oil and woahhh sooo addicting.

i’m worthless i need to stop being so worthless. i have $40 left. i need that to pay for parking for the concert today PLUS i must purchase the Ten Years and Counting release. i’ll be lucky if i have $20 for alcohol.

i’m so broke because i had to buy a new computer plus i got a credit card. at least i got a credit card.

i get paid friday, day of the bayside/motion city soundtrack though thankfully.

not thankful that i’m going alone so i need to stay mostly sober.

thankful because it’s probably for the best and drinking at bars IS SO EXPENSIVE i just try to see it as a $1 for the beer and an extra $4 because bands are playing.

when the wonder years played first on Saturday, dan campbell always has to make a speech. he said something about how everyone is born with a fire inside them, a passion for something. and something else about how no matter how much you hate where you live, it doesn’t matter where you are, what matters is who you are.

he’s fucking amazing and his speeches never get recorded. they literally make me feel so inspired. fuck man.

i’m really excited to see Story Of The Year today.

there’s a lot of bands i don’t know playing and it really blows that i really feel the need to drink through them.
it’s aggravating how much money i know i’m going to be wasting on alcohol this month because of all these concerts but like, i just don’t get how i shouldn’t drink at a show, i really don’t get how i did this before i turned 21, i really wish i wasn’t 21 for this month because i just wish beer was CHEAPER.

thinking about this is aggravating me

actually it’s not even that bad. i’m not going to have any bills this next paycheck except car insurance, netflix and my phone and thats like $200 altogether so i’ll have like $500 something to blow.

heather and i need to get a rental car reserved soon for december for our trip to minnesota. i’m going to start getting rental cars every time i go on a trip because i want my car to last as long as possible.

i’m good i need to stop worrying. lol

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