i need to update

before this nyquil kicks in . it already has but it’s going to get harder.

my wisdom teeth are totally coming in. every time i brush my teeth, my gums bleed, the back area is sore sometimes like right now it’s the top right and bottom left. i can actually feel both those teeth too.

when heather’s teeth came in, she was in soo sooo soo much pain and she cried for days and her gums split apart and she had to get vicodin, i seriously hope it doesn’t get that bad for me… people think i’m a fucking miracle when i tell them i’ve never been to the dentist a day in my life. my teeth are so perfectly heterosexual (haha see what i did there) and i will be so sad if this one great thing about me gets fucked up.

story of the year. wow there had to have been less than 300 people there. i was 2nd person behind barricade by the time they came on. people still moshed and crowdsurfed, somehow

story of the year are so underrated. they’re real musicians and their talent is unnoticed. hawthorne heights is too! i only have their first album the silence in black and white and this hate ep i picked up when i saw them play a small acoustic show in hamilton a few years ago. i want their hope ep. all of it’s on spotify. i like how they reference ohio alot.

i drank a little during story of the year but honestly, my only decent option for a draft was coors light and boooooooooooo on that. i unfortunately caught heather’s cold too, but i’m already almost better. i probably wouldn’t have gotten sick if i didn’t share my beer with her. i swear, i’m pretty fucking tough when it comes to health. i mean it’s been 3 nights already and i’m worlds better. i eat a lot of spinach onions and mushrooms and i drink ensure nutrition shake. yeah i’m old, i know but i’m way stronger than some people my age, i guarantee it.

heather’s probably going to stay sick for another 2 weeks. 😦

the back of my legs have been hurting a lot since the show though, like soreness. particularly my left leg. when i get up from laying down/sitting, i have limp a little. when i’m on my feet for a good period of time, i’m fine though. but i can’t wait for my muscles to stop feeling like knots like this lol.

tomorrow i’m seeing bayside and motion city soundtrack and what’s eating gilbert and state champs back in the same venue i saw story of the year. not tempted to drink at all. okay idk maybe like 1 but coming off from being sick doesnt make it tempting plus coors is nasty.

i should really just spend beer money on bayside’s tip jar.

check out this praying mantis that was on my hood/windshield like the whole ride from middletown to cincinnati:

imagejpeg_2 (4) imagejpeg_3

kind of hard to see but it’s totally there. praying mantis’s are supposed to be lucky aren’t they? because i totally caught josh’s (drummer of soty) drum stick after the last song. i’ve never caught a drum stick before, i’ve only ever gotten picks. so that’s pretty special.

seriously don’t know know why this girl takes so many pictures of me sleeping

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_2 (2)

it must be the cat. ❤

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