it sucks that i work 4pm-1am and my girlfriend works 4am-1pm
i mean it’s kinda funny but kjfdvnkjdfb
why can’t she just get paid to stay home and be hot.i’m obviously obnoxiously attached to her.
that was funny.
obviously obnoxiously

i’m not high. but i’m a little tired. and i know if i smoke i’ll be up until 9am because unlike most people, smoking weed just makes me stay up. it makes me lazy, but not sleepy. talk about bullshit. i probably don’t get sleepy because my brain is too stupid to figure out how to shut down for a little bit.
but hey, only a loser falls asleep and ruins their high.

i have off 3 days in a row this week and i still have (almost) 40 hours.
i am totally seeing The Limousines. excited for that one

there’s this random cat that seriously comes by the windows EVERY.DAY.

heather and i named him Creamsicle. he just stopped by. i always know when he comes by because the cats freak out.

cute stuff.

must play more mahjong
i really like the word mahjong

suck mahjong bitch.

i’m so fucking mature.

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