12 Life Lessons You’ve Learned From Your Cat

Thought Catalog

1. It’s better to sit by the window and gaze out at the world judging the hell out of everyone than actually be out experiencing it. In fact, remaining inside is always preferable. Home is where the snacks are.

2. Cats used to be worshipped in ancient Egypt and no cat will let you forget this. Some would call this having quiet confidence. I call this quietly demanding the respect your goddess ass deserves.

3. Anytime is nap time and anywhere is a suitable place for it.

4. You don’t need to obnoxiously bark like an asshole to send a message. A subdued but powerful, occasional hiss is much more effective. Apply this as a metaphor to your life.

5. It’s best to hate everyone at first and then decide to be okay with a few people eventually. Cats just innately do this and it’s honestly brilliant.

6. In general…

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