it makes me happy when i have very minimal views on my blog. i just feel safer.

i have this new perfume/body spray called “romance and dreams”
and it’s just cheap shit but I LOVE it. i’m determined to douse my whole closet.

lately i’ve been really unproductive with the writing. i’m still feeling pretty empty.
today was sunny which was nice, but it was colder than yesterday even though it was dark and gray.

with my 2nd shift job, and now that winter is coming, i’m not going to see daylight much
it makes me really sad. i can try to go to bed early, i probably should. it will be worth it. i think. the earliest i can go to bed is at 1 or 2 in the morning though.. and it won’t be long till i’m up all night again . :/ but at least i can try.

i’m listening to Ghost Towns by Nick Thomas off his new album Shadowars. i don’t think it’s even out yet. that guy’s got such a good voice in this song. he’s the singer from the spill canvas, and he writes really good words.

i’m probably going to keep this entry public since i apparently have to publish an entry first and then go back into it, to edit it to be private. LOL the hassle.

14 more nights after tonight till i go ghost hunting at Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory!

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