i’ve recently become addicted to campbell soup.

i love soup. and hot chocolate, and showers.

i went to the reformatory tonight. thought it interesting that the only room we didn’t go in during the tour part was the basement… but when we passed it, they told us to be very careful down there.. and heather and i went down there alone, that was honestly the only place at all that i felt uneasy. maybe it was only because we didn’t tour through it? i mean this place is pretty huge but there’s about 100 other people wandering the building. the basement wasn’t very popular, i guess the floors were not safe and some areas, the ceiling was a little low but we didn’t even finish exploring down there. i should’ve went back down there. just walking down there i told heather “its totally okay if you leave your flashlight on the whole time down here” LOL cuz i kept telling her to shut the shit off hahaha how stupid is it that i need a nightlight to sleep but in a situation like this i’m like total opposite.

i loved being at this place. i had so much adrenaline. i felt like a teenager, fuckin breaking into abandoned buildings. except for the 100 random strangers.

hey look the sun’s up.

ghost hunting is officially a summer time only hobby. so fucking cold tonight, it snowed.

then we went to meijer to get hot chocolate stuff and rainbow marsh mellows and the spill canvas was playing. that song all over you. last time i remember them playing hey jealousy by the gin blossoms. i love meijer.

i love the movie shawshank redemption right now.

apparently lil wayne and godsmack shot music videos at the prison.

so i guess they’re just a tiny bit more intriguing because of that.

heather you cant read this while i type.

thats cheating. sorryyyyyy byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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