poetry is my salvation.

i don’t really follow any particular poets
but i listen to a lot of music
and i own a little over a hundred cds
i want to turn it into thousands
my poetry is my history
my cds are the soundtrack melodies
all my origin of inspiration

Tortures Of The Damned, They Looked Like Strong Hands, Blame It On Bad Luck

are my favorite songs right now. the whole self titled bayside record is fucking gold. no, the walking wounded is technically gold but self titled is heaven. the front cover, the dude is even above the ground…

yeah i’m stoned i want to keep smoking. i just smoked a roach clip in my bong and it was kinda of digusting. there was weed in it but the nicotine felt like death inside of me. i usually only smoked blunts for car rides, it’s just easier than smoking a bong lol but god it’s fucking gross. fuck it.

thc is fucking delicious

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