i wonder if a 40 of king cobra will stay good if i poured it back into the bottle? haha i hope the whole bottle doesn’t go flat. it usually doesn’t if i still have some leftover but if i have it in a cup, no doubt it does. GUESS i’ll just have to see

omg i just started watching this show on instant play on netflix called Too Cute. the first episode was cats, unfortunately no bombay breeds but the next episode is puppies and i am just gonna wait till heather watches the first episode and we can watch the rest together because like the title of the show, IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE. i almost cried when it started lol because the first episode is cats but the 2nd is puppies and it seems they have a mix amount of animals throughout the show

so yesterday.. i fortunately realized i remembered my myspace password.. went through old pictures..
and i added them to certain pages in my Buy Bull book.
it’s never looked so good. i’m so into it.
heather said she liked it. i’m happy she thought so. i’m happy i’ve taken the 100s of pictures that i did years ago. this is going to be awesome. i’m creating the masterpieces of my life.

but i’m gonna smoke weed right now. i got my “i KILL cancer” stickers the other day from cureyourowncancer.org

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