What Xanga Taught Me About Love

i seriously love this

Thought Catalog

I’ve grown up with the best of both worlds. The ‘90s ultimately ruled and I lived a decent childhood without being permanently attached to pieces of technology. I actually ran around outside. For fun! Sure, you may yawn and say that I’m under 25, so what do I know about life without technology? I know that I didn’t even have a computer until around 1999 and I wasn’t heavily attached to it until I was 15, even then it was just MSN Messenger late at night. It wasn’t anywhere near as cool as ICQ but it did the job of gossip, swooning and heartbreak.

But then when I reached 11th grade in the mid-2000s, my new crop of friends, whom I followed around scrupulously, introduced me to the terrible/ beautiful world of blogging. I signed up for Xanga. Everyone I knew had Xanga or Livejournal. It was terrible in…

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