i wish i could write a whole fucking poem. i don’t do it often enough as i’d like to.the last couple poems that i wrote fully in one setting, were both about being uninspired.
and before those 2, i’m pretty sure the last full one i wrote all at once was probably when jasmine died, but even then i don’t even really remember.
i’m stoned reading some of my stuff now, and it just seems like my wording isn’t really all that descript. and i feel like a lot of it is so whiny.

i’m going to interrupt my blog for a moment to talk about my cat Jack because right now hes on the floor on his back. completely. his paws are just there. i wish i had an awesome phone to take a picture but i just laughed and he moved and now hes sitting like he does with my feet all tucked in and he looks like a black ball of furr just there.

jill is sitting next to me purring. i’m happy my cats are always hanging out with me. i just wish they could talk.

it was nice hanging out with human beings last night, even if one was.. i don’t even know the words to describe this guy because he was so normal seeming at first. but then when sarah left the room and it was just me and heather with him (his name is kevin) he was just, so fucking weird. he straight up tells us he can get us anything we need, painkillers to heroin and then he was saying how weed is legal in kentucky,i mean i don’t know the full list of states that have medical marijuana legalized but holy shit he acted like he was on speed or something, he would not breathe at all or pause his words when he talked. and he talked , for like 20 minutes straight.

i seriously wonder what the fuck it is, why some people take drugs and get all fucked up off them,
and other people take the same drugs, and their body/brain is just able to stay normal.
what is the deal, the difference, with people’s tolerance levels. like how do they get determined

Jack is licking Jill’s head and Jill has her eyes closed.
they’re kind of angels. i don’t know what i’d do without these 2.

im just gonna read and try to inspire myself

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