Off With Their Heads

has become one of my new favorite bands. Wonderful thing when you’ve never heard of a band before but you see them open up for another band you love and they turn out to be AMAZING. They opened up for Bayside and Alkaline Trio and honestly that was definitely one of the best shows i’ve ever been to. Besides Alkaline Trio playing Olde English and cheering with the whole crowd, I also cheered with the ginger guitarist guy because i seriously had to tell them how amazing they were. and it honestly wasn’t a fucking joke because i can’t even tell you the last time i listened to a band for the first time live and absolutely loved them immediately. their sound was so badass to me. and now that i know their lyrics,

i just cannot wait to buy every album they have for sale on February 18th. That same day, Bayside’s new album Cult is released. and Bayside was the band i first saw them with. I’m completely enthralled. This will be a day of fate.

Before all this amazingness, i should be getting Thief Club’s debut album My Heavy. i’ve pretty much heard 70% of the album already and it’s definitely going to be fantastic to jam out in my car to it. The First Place completely reminds me of Jasmine. Fragile Eyes is totally for me and Heather. Follow You reminds me of old friends i had.. but it’s cool because 2 awesome singers sing in this, Nick of Hit The Lights/Thief Club and Shane Henderson of Valencia/Promise Of Redemption/The Future Perfect.

speaking of 2 awesome singers, i gotta find a way to get an mp3 of A Conquest Of Mistakes by A Loss For Words featuring Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years before i forget that song.

i have such a mess of lists in my head for mix cds i want so bad. i need to organize this and get this done.

but right now i just want to read and forget the world

i also want to note that when i youtubed Pink’s grammy performance tonight, i was completely inspired to write a quick thing about her. i love it. i need to also eventually get writings together, and i  have a feeling it’s going to be really hard.. with how much nonsense i’ve been.

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