soo much to write about!!!

let’s start from when i picked heather up from Chicago

her dad was going to buy her a plane ticket back home but decided to get bus tickets instead. one from Minneapolis to Chicago and then one from Chicago to Cincinnati. BUT. there was a huge snow storm coming, so Chicago to Cincinnati got cancelled. Heather calls me at 1pm after I’ve had 4 hours of sleep to tell me this. It’s a 5 hour drive so I’m like Fuck. there was no point in going back to sleep, the sooner i pick her up, the sooner i’d get back home. i was thinking maybe i’d be home around 10 or 11pm. We didn’t get home till 3am.

On the way there, the flurries started but didn’t stick. i made it to Chicago about an hour after she was already there and picked her up. Driving in Chicago was not fun. Almost missed the exit to get to the streets of it, even. But anyway, on the way back, immediately we were stuck in a traffic jam. Maybe rush hour, i don’t know, but it took us AN HOUR to go 10 miles. Made sense since i wasn’t going anywhere over 15 mph the whole time. I was starving and we weren’t going to make it to Taco John’s on the way back. i was on period day #2 and i cried over it. I got off at an exit and we found a Burger King, hoping to wait out the traffic jam but I didn’t want to get back on the highway. We went through some towns with the help of my GPS, just going through where ever south east took us.

Right after we got out of Burger King though, the biggest flakes of snow were falling from the sky and they were sticking hardcore.So on this drive back to Middletown, Ohio, when i finally decided to get on the highway, FOR HOURS, i was going 35 mph. Yes, on a highway. I actually never strayed too far away from a truck because honestly, without trucks, i had NOO idea where the fuck the road was. It was pretty scary but i felt pretty confident sticking to 35 mph and sticking behind trucks.

9 hours later, from what should’ve been a 5 hour drive, we made it to Middletown. As we turned the corner to go home, the car got stuck on a pile of snow. SERIOUSLY. Luckily, there were cops around and they stopped and helped push the car off the snow. Then they told me to gun it across the snow. That was kinda fun/funny.

I honestly could do nothing but laugh and smile when i was home because after seeing a truck flipped over on the highway, cars stuck in ditches, and a rest area jam packed full of trucks, i’m such a lucky ass bitch. and a fantastic motherfucking driver.¬†and probably the best girlfriend ever.

Two days later, Heather breaks up with me. Because i “deserve better” My world shattered.

I don’t want to get into it because it was a bunch of fucking bullshit. Because all i did was fall into her arms and she wanted me back.


Yesterday i decided it was time to get a smart phone. i decided Verizon because back in the day i had an LG chocolate flip phone and it was beautiful and wonderful and i just love verizon. The website was giving out free Iphone 4s. Took it. Went to the store to pick it up, was offered a free tablet. Took it.

Went home, cooked chicken parmesan dinner because that’s Heather’s favorite and i told her i would cook it for her when she was still in Minnesota, and we each had a glass of Razzberry Riesling wine, it had a guitar picture on it and the bottle says it’s only for sale in ohio so it seemed classy enough. Too bad she didn’t finish her cup, pussy

I actually really enjoyed it lol. i’ve probably only had wine once or twice in my life. It’s a nice difference from King Cobra and Long Island Iced Tea.

but yeah that was the past week in a short summary.

I should probably do dishes since Heather sucks at them. (at least she can vacuum hint hint)

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