i’m inspired again

my life doesn’t feel weighed down by some dreaded apathy

i’ve been thinking about my mom a lot. miss the shit out of her.but she’s giving me signs, i just know.

i mean, i hope :/

okay, because jess had a picture on instagram of her and her mom because it was her mom’s birthday. cute. i liked it
then hours later, courtney tells me it’s her mom’s birthday. it may not seem all that crazy, but it strikes out to me.

i mean it’s ironic. what is the real meaning of irony? deja vu. all that. it’s gotta mean something.

my life’s been going through a lot of changes within the past month
it’s been a good year so far. i’m always trying.

Adam is always cracking your mom jokes at me. i know,he’s immature. but we’re both pretty obnoxious sometimes, i like a friend that i can act crazy with. but idk if he like, even knows if my mom is dead or not but honestly, the more he says something with “your mom” , it really just makes it easier. every time i hear the word mom/mother, i feel that fucking emptiness in my life. but when adam consistently does that, it kinda heals in the craziest way. it’s kindof like, okay get over it. haha idk.

like, it’s just okay.

it’s really insane how everything really is all about perspective

let go. go with the flow.


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