i’m so much happier living alone. aka so much happier taking care of myself and no one else. it’s a pain in the butt roommating with someone who makes less than you and needs your car and your money constantly.

i’m dumb and desperate. but now i’m good.

it’s just sad on days off when i have no one to really hang out with, and there’s no one to talk to sometimes. but i guess there’s always books and music.

and now i have courtney 🙂 her sister morgan is pretty sweet too.
i’ll probably hang out with them at least once a week.
because courtney and i have crushes on each other and stuff.

SATURDAY adam is celebrating his birthday in columbus and i’m invited 🙂 he said he might have edibles there HOLY SHIT IT WOULD BE MY FIRST TIME

watch it not happen lol idc. it’s a good excuse to drink plus i’ll meet people and chill.i’m spending the night too in case i’m too tipsy. which i always aim for so.

time went ahead an hour tonight. i forgot to watch the clock change. oh well.

i really am looking forward to seeing courtney again, she’s so awesome.
i’m always thinking about her…

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