man, when i was offered to be someone’s girlfriend, i declined it. because i wasn’t ready
turned out it was a good choice
you don’t even blink.
i can see how much you were hurt and need to recover from me.  hah you didn’t even need a month.
you’ve always been stupid in my point of view.
and to think you were so0o0o upset you drank bleach
i was a pretty shitty girlfriend, but that’s kinda over-exaggerating if you even think of all the fucking bullshit i have done for you.
you never deserved me. i NEVER fucked you over. EVER.

i wanted to fucking die that day but unlike you, i didn’t even have the life inside of me to simply move.

your true colors have been showing since the 1st day. and it really helps me not regret a single thing

but i’m so fucked.

i don’t even know where to begin again.
you’ll be okay, and it would be grand as fuck if you’d stay the fuck off of this
because lets be real, you only come on here to find something to use against me.

i never fucked you over. ever.

but i can’t even start with my mental state right now. i really want to see a therapist so bad, i have no one to talk to at all it feels like. it’s not true but i don’t want anyone to see how much this fucking hurts me.

i want to do drugs. i really don’t have a care.

but i’ll be okay.

time and space. my saving grace.

aw Sammy Brittain just texted me out of nowhere.

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