tonight i’m seeing

Front Porch Step and JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights and some others.
a venue i’ve never been to before

i seriously fucking love Ohio’s music scene. Can’t believe i’ve lived out here for going on 4 years now and i still find new music venues to go to. It makes me happy.

i’m going by myself because i’m a loser and that’s just the way my life is. sometimes i think Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun was written about me. it’s pretty fucked up to say. but i literally live on my own and i feel like i can count on no one

i can always count on my dad. speaking of him, i really fucking miss him.

my grandma started shit with me on facebook last month but i sent her a pretty card and my dad said she liked it so i hope we’re good again. we don’t ever talk on the phone. she’s old. she’s angry. she’s miserable. and i wish she was happier, and i honestly think my grandma is in great health, she’s 83 but her mental state is becoming really fucked. i mean i think it always has, she’s always been a very judgemental person. but i wish she could be happy. idk

my dad has depression, my uncle is schizophrenic, my grandma is senile, my mom is dead, my brother doesn’t talk to me and i’ve lost touch with everyone else too but my cousin just followed me on instagram.

i’m young and i should clean something before i go to the show so i don’t feel like a slob.

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