i saw silverstein tonight, so many feels right now.

i really just want to make out with caitlyn right now but she’s sleeping because she works at 5am.
but maybe before she goes to work i can steal some kisses from her somehow.
it’s pretty sweet she lives in middletown too

she’s such a good kisser though, thats all

lol @ her if she starts falling for me

i told her i don’t want a relationship but i think she’s like, getting attached to me, a little maybe
i mean i’m kinda attached to her kissing. her voice is really sweet and comforting too.
but idk idc

today was a really good day. monday i worked 13 hours and yesterday i worked 11
and i’m working all weekend. today was my only day off because i had to see silverstein

but i need $50 for bills before i get paid. i decided i wanted alcohol and silverstein shorts and pizza and gas.
idk wtf i’m gonna do. i might need help from candy.. caitlyn said she’d help but i don’t think she really can. candy is rich as fuck lol.

idk what to do with myself right now.

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