Bonito Floopy Bobo

I think it’s been since last month that Caitlyn and I literally start our periods on the same day. It’s awesome. I love being in sync with her.

Someone I used to chill with in high school just turned 24 and he screen shotted his girlfriends happy birthday status to him and put it on Instagram and she used the words “nicest” “sweetest” and “most caring” to describe him (very basic) and then used the wrong form of you’re twice. She said your when she meant you’re and I’m just like lol @ these two. I definitely can’t be perfect in my grammar but i just feel like your and you’re is so basic. Idk. I actually just re-read this and realized I wrote “too” instead of “two” when I said “lol @ these two” UGH AT LEAST I KNOW I MESSED UP.

The cutest and toughest kitty out of Oreo’s litter has definitely been Bonito, Bobo for short. I named him Bonito after Bonita, my friend Belinda’s cat that she had for 15 years. I don’t think Bonito is an actual word but Belinda said since he was a boy and not a girl lol. HE IS RIDICULOUSLY CUDDLY AND FLOOPY AND HE PURRS LOUD AND HE’S FINALLY GETTING WHAT A LITTER box is and he’s cuddling with me right now and he cuddled all night and when he can’t cuddle, he sleeps right up against the bed and I told Caitlyn I’m nicknaming him Floopy just like I call Jack Poopy and Floopy & Poopy sound SO CUTE TOGETHER hahahahaha

I should sleep so it’ll be 2:00pm faster and then Caitlyn will wake me up with kisses and coffee

Here’s a sleepy Floopy right now and his big sleepy smile




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