Everyone’s asleep

I drank all night, you’d think I’d be shitfaced but I’m not. Idk. I tried to be.

Caitlyn’s not letting me cuddle between her legs anymore and she’s in the middle of the couch so I can’t sleep anywhere. I’m thinking about going to her car once the phone is charged or I might just leave my phone in here idk she might freak out when she wakes up idk

I hate being the last one awake. I wonder if the fire is still going.

Today was okay. It really was great actually and I’m just being selfish. But I’m alone and awake now and that sucks.

Alcohol is boring and I wish I could get shrooms. Not ecstasy because that makes my brain hurt but shrooms would be cool,

I just want to leave reality for a little bit , everything is annoying and real and lame.

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