Today my mom would have been 60

This might sound weird but i think she’s happy she didn’t live to be this old lol

If she was still alive, we’d sit outside in the sunshine together and she would do her crossword puzzles and I would do sudoku or read or play mahjong.

I’m so much like her and I’m happy to have her traits. She was fucking awesome. Every time i chew on my gums, as much of a bad habit as it is, it’s because of her I do it. I miss making her birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards and cards for every holiday. I miss making her happy and proud.

It sucks that I can’t be close with her now, now that I’m an adult.

I’ll miss her forever. But that’s okay.

I will never let this day just pass by. I will keep her alive till the day I die and that is so important to me.

Right now Caitlyn is showering and then we’re gonna eat smoke and cuddle and stuff

She is literally the light in my life.

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