Last night I saw The Wonder Years with The Story So Far. Seeing them again on the 29th

I swear the other night I experienced a new high with the edibles. I had like a whole 40 of king cobra and also 2 hits of a grav bong but I guess my big mistake was eating the edibles because I was hungry and Caitlyn said that Jake said you should never eat them when you’re hungry because oh my god. I remember sitting on the futon then falling to the floor and I asked Caitlyn what did I take and help me and I was all over the floor I couldn’t get up but then I crawled to the bedroom and passed out. Honestly it was absolutely insane.

I can’t wait to buy more. It is my new favorite way of being high. Grav bongs make my throat hurt sometimes.

But anyway. Last night we saw TWY and TSSF and I was supposed to drive home but I had pretty much a whole 40 on the way there and then a 32 oz of miller kite then a shot called “Won’t Be Pathetic Forever” (it’s named after a TWY song) and we also ate some fruity pebbles before we went in and idk I was done with everything by the time TSSF came on but I was not sober.

And I feel bad. She’s tired. I’m terrible.

Maybe if I just eat her out everyday and give her massages everyday she’ll stay with me forever.

Or I could just let her sleep when she comes home. She’s so cute when she sleeps, I could just eat her face but that’s not nice so I shouldn’t.

I’ll do anything to keep her happy….

I’ve never, myself, been so happy in a relationship before, especially this far into it.

She says she feels the same but I hope she really does. I can’t imagine what I’d do if we winded up not working out because everything from the beginning has been so right, so if something went wrong, I’d feel pretty fucked. She gives me so much hope.

And I will do anything to give her the same

She’s about to come home soon bye wordpress

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